May 20, 2022 7:32 am

Smart Eating Towards the Healthy You

Many people do not realize the importance of smart eating. Smart eating is not about depriving ourselves from the food that we want to eat. It is all about our eating attitude as well as the ways that we do to easily digest while effectively consuming the tastes and nutrients included in the food.

Smart eating can be synonymous to balance diet. An individual is recommended to take calories on a daily basis but not too many. The amount of calories that we should take must not be more than our body can spend. While the recommended amount of calories per day is 2,000, the calorie need of a person still depends on age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

Drinking water also plays a vital role in our healthy diet. Since the body is composed of 75% water, the body needs to be replenished with the water that we used in doing different activities every day. Water helps in flushing our systems’ waste products and toxins particularly from organs that help in digestion such as kidneys and bladder.

Slow chewing of food also helps in easy digestion. This is very important as it not only helps in the food absorption; it also gives us the feeling of enjoyment in tasting the actual flavors and texture of the food that we are eating. Stress in eating can also cause problems in our digestion such as colitis and heartburn and the likes. So it is really important that we incorporate the enjoyment in eating.

Being healthy does not also mean depriving ourselves with the food that we want to eat. While we should limit taking sugary foods as well as salty and refined-grain products, we do not need  smartbuds to punish ourselves from eating sweets and fried and salty foods. We only need to learn to moderate our consumption of such food, just enough to give our body pleasure and our taste buds with enough satisfaction.

Eating is a part of our lives. We need food to function well in our day to day activities. Remember that what we are taking inside our body has something to do with the function of our body parts. Loving our body also means choosing the right kind and fair amount of food that we intend to take. A little of everything is not bad for our health.

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