May 22, 2022 12:56 am

A Solution to Skin Wrinkling

For all those who dread going old and wrinkly, there is hope yet, as they may see a cure for their wrinkles during their lifetime.

Skin wrinkling is an age old concern that has even been documented by our ancestors. This need to stop aging explains the marketplace mania that follows the release of any anti-aging/anti-wrinkling product.

Researchers now have proof that they have the power to reverse skin aging and fade age spots as well as sunlight-induced freckles and macules. They found that tretinoin, which belongs to vitamin-A related compounds, known as retinoids, and other antioxidants such as beta carotenes are the key to slowing aging; both photo ging as well as metabolic skin aging that is oxygen-dependent.

Although, tretinoin has been talked about as an anti-aging biodegradable cure recently, it has been long sought for people seeking smoother and younger skin. It was as early as 1971 that the FDA approved it as treatment for severe acne. This is when reports started coming out from users that it not only cleared their acne but also seemed to reduce their wrinkles considerably.

But it was only recently that researchers conducted human studies that determined the fact that tretinoin helped improve the appearance of photodamaged skin dramatically. The new research suggests that a new age has dawned, where wrinkles can be erased.

A doctor at a Medical Center in Ann Arbor, who has been treating patients with tretinoin for more than an year, says that even after discontinuation of the drug, the benefits are seen on the skin for a couple of months.

However, there has been some severe skin irritation noticed, during the early stages of treatment. Dermatologists are of the opinion that this is a natural side effect and it is through this irritation that the drug imparts the soft and pink glow after its use, and the benefits of the drug are most pronounced after the initial period of irritation.

As to the question of what exactly tretinoin is doing to the skin, researchers have found that it is working by stimulating new growth of tiny blood vessels, which may be helping with the regeneration of damaged skin cells.

Given the nature of today’s generation who insist upon using tanning lotions and spending hours on the beach, damaging their skin; it has become inevitable for dermatologists to perform the impossible – the feat of fixing ravaged skin.

Although, there is a whole lot of enthusiasm related to tretinoin, as of now it is only approved for treatment of acne and will take time to get approval as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkling drug. They also say that tretinoin may help prevent skin cancer too. All we can do is wait in eager anticipation for it to be approved and go on the market shelves drug stores and beauty shops.

The author studies skin care extensively, in hopes of setting up an anti aging center in the South Florida area. He is a great resource for information about skin wrinkles


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