May 22, 2022 5:18 pm

The Ways to Clean Different UGGs in Different Colors

The ways to clean different UGGs in different colors are different to get the best effect. Take some time to browse on them and make a better cleaning for your UGGs with different colors. I tried to wash my white UGG with white teeth brush, clean water and also the relatively softer brush as well. The best way to dry your UGG is to let it air dry. The white brush would avoid some staining for your UGG boots.

When washing white UGG boots, pay attention to the drying of them, when it is aired dry to up to 80%, use a boots hang piece to shape the shoes in case it would turn to be crease. The white wool inside the white UGG boots must be cleaned with the UGG cleaner in clean water, wash them gently and air dry them. When are nearly become completely dry, use the hair drier and to help shape the wool, then leave it to be dry.

Some light colors as the sand, grey, pink, blue UGG with light dirt could be washed with clean water and UGG brush. For some hard wash dirt, you can try the UGG cleaner for cleaning. Washing the light colored UGG boots and the light wool could be same as the cleaning methods of washing the white UGG boots and white wool.

For some dark colors as the chocolate, black, chestnut and so on, never use the cleaners contains bleaching agent to wash them. All UGGs should be air dried and use some sizing things for keeping a good shape. Making a good cleaning for you UGGs is just one thing to take care for your UGG footwear; you should also pay attention to the daily care for them for a longer lasting.

The authentic UGGs are easy to get dirty in the sheepskin and also the soles. It is quite easy for the UGG soles to have dust. You can use the hair drier to blow with cold wind for one or two minutes once a month. If there is no hang piece to shape your UGGs, use some paper to stuff the inside of your boots, they could not only keep the shape better but also get rid of the smelly of inside of the shoes. Put them in the plastic bag for shortage without sealing in the dry and dark place if you do not wear them for a long time.

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