May 19, 2022 6:23 pm

Jobs: Job Search and Use of Career Coaches

Jobs! Competition is strong. Therefore, finding meaningful employment today requires using all the tools available to be ahead of the competition.

There are 3 essential aspects of job search:

1. Resume writing.
2. Search methods such as networking and job search engines
3. Interview preparation, including interview questions, dress, rapport, and follow-up.


Resumes must be taken seriously because they are a primary marketing tool:

• Resumes must make it past computer screening,
• When in the hands of screeners, resumes must create interest within 10-15 seconds
• Resumes must not only articulate jobs, but, most importantly, accomplishments related to key competencies sought by the employer.

Resume writers like myself provide job seekers with professional resumes designed to meet these needs.


However, before a resume is used there must be a person or place to use it. One’s network is the most valuable tool because most jobs stem from networking.

Good use of LinkedIn and social media are essential as more and more companies are using social media first line. Other important tools include job search engines, and company job boards.


Next comes the interview. The interviewee is one of a handful of exceptionally strong candidates. The one who interviews best, WINS! To compete requires preparation:

• Research.
• Rapport skills.
• Interview questions anticipated with well-articulated responses.
• Appropriate closing for the job.
• Timely follow-up.


As can be seen, the career search process can be difficult and time-consuming. Whether a seeker is unemployed or trying to manage the search while working full-time, career coaches help. Job seekers use career coaches like me to make their searches manageable, efficient, and to provide an edge.

Career coach services are based on the needs and wants of the client. Essentially, career coaches partner with job seekers, walking them through the process from beginning to end. Services often include:

• Job discernment and objective setting.
• Branding.
• Resume writing that produces professional resumes designed to make it past computer screening and into the hands of interviewers.
• Preparing LinkedIn profiles and instructing clients in use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
• Teaching clients how to search for jobs using networking, job search engines, job boards, and recruiters.
• Building client’s self-confidence.
• Assisting in interview preparation by reviewing job interview questions, practicing interview questions and answers, and coaching clients in dress, body language, and communication.
• Negotiating job offers.
• Onboarding; coaching client to get off to a good start.

Therefore, when asking how to search jobs and get them, hiring a career coach is wise as it provides job seekers an extra edge which may mean the difference in whether the seeker is interviewed and offered employment or not.


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