May 21, 2022 8:58 am

How to Get a Job Through Temp Services in Your Area

When you find yourself out of work, you may want to consider temp services to help you get back on your feet. Getting hired goes beyond filling out a bunch of paperwork. Learn how you can better your chances of landing a job through these companies so you can get money in your pocket sooner.

Use Your Skills

When you begin the application process with temp services, it is likely you will be handed a thick stack of papers asking for your basic information, work experience, and skill. Don’t just absentmindedly write down the generics, like that you speak English and can type-be more specific. Write down how many words per minute you can type, or that you are experienced with telephones and cash registers. Your skills may seem minute to you, but they can mean the difference between finding quality work and having a job go to someone else.

Be Available

When you’re looking for employment, you should be ready to start a job at any time. Put down your availability in a versatile way, stating that you’d be willing to work weekends or nights. Most part-time job openings will be for timeslots that others are not willing to take. Though this may be a pain at first, if you are open to a graveyard or swing shift, then you can eventually nab better hours and work your way to a great income.

Be Flexible with Your Income Needs

If you are going through temp services, then obviously you need money. This means you should be willing to at least consider minimum wage until something better comes along. Don’t balk at poor wages or companies that are only hiring for grunt work. You will still be making a living and can move up the ladder as you can prove your worth.

Stay in Touch

Even after you’ve filled out your information at temp agencies, it may be a little while until you actually get hired. In a situation like this, the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. Call or stop by your local temp services agency often so you can inquire about any new leads and put your name on the top of the list. The more interest you show, the more response you’re likely to receive.

When you need employment, these types of agencies can help you in many ways. Use your skills, be open, and most of all, be persistent, and you should be able to land a real job before long.


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