May 21, 2022 6:55 am

Tips for Buying a Used Rust Proofed Car From a Dealership

Buying used cars can be a risky business but makes sense for many people looking to save money. The main advantage to buying used over new is that you can potentially get more for your money. New cars not only cost more but all cars depreciate in value over time. They begin to lose value shortly after you drive them off the forecourt. Buying used is not only cheaper initially but means you can purchase the model you want with less financial loss in the long term. Buying from a used car dealership is probably the best route to ensure that the short term cost does not lead to expensive mistakes. Whether buying from a dealership or privately there are a number of things that you can easily check for yourself to save trouble sooner or later.

General condition

Tyres: The tyre condition is important and can give clues to any problems with the wheel alignment. If the tyres have uneven wear this is most likely to be the source of the problem. Also check the tread depth and for rust on the wheel arches.
Steering and gears: The steering wheel should MRF Tyres Dealership operate smoothly, without vibration while driving and the gears should change without grinding. A weak or hard clutch indicates damaged or worn components.
Engine: The engine needs to sound even and smooth when idling and revs should also sound even. If the engine is badly worn you will find excessive smoke generated when revving the car.
Mileage: A low mileage may look great on an older car but this could be a result of ‘clocking’. Wear and tear on the upholstery and interior is often a good indication as to how much the car has actually been used.
Rust problems

Rust prevention is far better than rust treatment. Once rust has a hold it is very difficult to stop so it’s important to conduct a thorough check of the most vulnerable areas. Check for chipped bodywork and pay close attention to the underside, wheel arches as well as inside the boot and engine cavity. Damage to paint work or rust inside the engine cavity may indicate that a repair has been made after an accident so ask detailed questions. If the engine cavity is sparklingly clean consider if this has been done to hide problems. Cars that have been re-sprayed may be hiding small lumps of filler where rust treatments have been attempted so check the body thoroughly.

When buying a used car from a dealership the chances are that the car has been thoroughly checked for problems and work undertaken to rectify them. Always ask to see the documents as a registration certificate confirms the car is not stolen. By conducting your own checks you can ensure that this is the case and if you have any concerns discuss them with the dealer – especially in relation to the price! Rust can be a small but significant problem with used cars so if in doubt once you’ve sealed the deal it can be worthwhile applying a new layer of rust proofing to the car – to ensure that the bargain price you’ve paid remains a bargain.

Used cars can be a sensible choice and may mean you are able to find the make and model you are looking for at a price that suits your budget. Buying from a dealership is often the best idea but make sure you check the car thoroughly and once purchased apply a rust proofing treatment to the car.


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