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Raising Boys With Superhero Qualities

Merriam-Webster says, a superhero is a fictional character, “of unprecedented physical prowess dedicated to act of derring-do in the public interest.” Most superheroes will have a motivation, a sense of responsibility, or a formal calling to in the service of the people with no expectation of a reward or payment.

Most heroes have a base of operation, a special suit, a secret identity, and in some cases a job where their boss doesn’t pay much attention to what they are doing (as with Superman and his reporter job).

They may have an enemy or a nemesis whom they constantly battle. However, most superheros have extraordinary powers to combat evil forces. Such as with Spiderman and his ability to use his web and keen sense of sight to combat evil and alien forces.

When we thing of a superhero, we think of someone who can overcome anything, manage any crisis that comes their way, and have just enough time to spend quality time with their loved ones.

How do we raise a superhero boy… ones that have these extraordinary skill to see a need and fill it, who do what’s right at all costs, who care about other’s feelings above their own, and who later become exceptional men and fathers?

It’s true that when boys are boys a certain amount of horse play is expected but it’s all the good accounting of boyhood. Play Boy Job There is a time, just before a boy becomes a man where he may become a little mischievous, he can’t help it, it’s in his nature. How can you enjoy being a boy if you don’t stir things up a little or at least keep the people around you guessing at what you’re going to do next. And what the heck, why not? How can a boy experience boyhood without being a boy? It’s the nature of the beast!

The girls will tame them in time.

The girls and mothers of the world may attempt to tame the boys but it is to no avail for boys are quite untamable. Their wondering minds seek adventure for the pure excitement in it. It doesn’t mean it has to make sense, it just has to get the adrenaline flowing. Quite frankly boyish things lead to manly accomplishments. Where else are you going to get on-the-job-training for manhood? To the ladies it may seem quite disturbing but deep down they love the wickedness in the boys. It’s a tradition after all, set forth by those adventurous boys of the past, a legacy that must be upheld, you know, king of the hill, leader of the pack and all that sort of thing.

Boys may be wild and smelly but they are always up for the challenge. Believe it or not they are not born to disrupt the whole of society or to aggravate female’s lives, they do have a more challenging part to play. fixguider Boys who cross into men become the pillars of the community, the heads of the family and the captain’s of industry. Make no mistake, the most prominent of men are still little boys . . .

The International Network for Children and Families says, “Most of us parent with the mindset to get the situation under control as soon as possible. We are looking for the expedient solution. This often results in children who feel overpowered. But if we parent in a way that keeps in mind how we want our child to be as an adult, we will be more thoughtful in the way we parent. For example, if we spank our child, he will learn to use acts of aggression to get what he wants when he grows up.”

A few simple steps can help you raise your own superhero child:

1. Lead by example. Make sure he has positive male influences in his life that play with him, and share their feelings and love with him. This models ideal behavior that he can inherit.

2. Show love every day to your child. You can spoil him to his detriment, but you can not love him enough, or say it enough. Secure little boys make secure men.

3. Make sure you have firm rules and firm consequences and teach them to your child. Stick to what you say and follow through every time. This teaches your child the difference between right and wrong.

Our world would be a better place if parents could work together in raising superhero boys. Not just superheroes that wear capes and costumes, but real ones!

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