May 23, 2022 8:20 am

Online Network Marketing System – Critical for Internet MLM Success

A powerful online network marketing system takes A LOT of the talent and throws it right out the window! However, most network marketing leaders today promotes an online system that makes it literally impossible for the average  Fresh Hive Canada person to realistically succeed with MLM. With other words: They basically tell other network marketers to purchase and cold call leads, plus bothering family and friends for 2-7 years, one recruit at a time, so that they one day might get rich.

But, let’s be honest to our self. Most people in the world don’t have a “Non-Negotiable Nothing Can Stop Me Attitude”, so if they receive too much rejection, they will quit. We can all agree on that in order to be as effective News Owl Headlines as possible in network marketing you need to duplicate your efforts to other people. It would be great if everyone could recruit 3 people each, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 2187, etc. The simple truth is that, people don’t duplicate them self. However, Systems and Machines do, but not people.

So regardless if you that are reading this article already are a big sales leader, you should know that most people in your downline are not ready to pay the neccecary price in order to succeed with MLM. Espacially if they have to work according to the “Old School MLM Way”, purchasing Leads, calling people,Canadian Reporter Business News  doing meeting, etc.

So, in order for you to take your business to the next level, you should preferably also have a highly effective online network marketing system in place that serves the “masses” out there. What I mean with that, is that you have also have an online MLM system in place that attract more people, then just an average “Old School Offline MLM System” does.

So, one of the most important criteria’s that should be in place to realistically succeed with MLM today, is to have a powerful online MLM system in place that “Sells”, “Sorts” and also” Follows up” for you and your downline’s on How To Save Money in Canada  complete autopilot. One reasons for that is because, if you have a powerful Internet system in place, then you automatically attract a A LOT more people, then you would do with just an average “Old School Offline MLM system”.

You see, in general people don’t like selling, so regardless what any “Network Marketing Guru” will tell you, the principals are the same where ever you go in the world, people simply don’t like it. So, if literally all people in the world actually hate selling and being sold on, how can you then duplicate a network marketing ystem that requires selling skills? The short and easy answer to that question is that, you cant!

Most people will quit if they receive to much rejection. Constant rejection leads to self doubt and a feeling of a non-ability to achieve success in network marketing, so that we want to avoid at all costs. The truth is that over 95% of all network marketing Companies out there today have a marketing system in place that requires selling skills in order to become successful.

So in order to achieve success in network marketing with those kinds of systems you realistically either need to be a powerful Sales Leader, or extremely persistent. However, most people in the world don’t fit in to any of these 2 categories and that’s also one of the main reasons why the drop out rate is so big in network marketing.

Here is literally a guaranteed “Failure Formula” for the average network marketer: “Poor Online Network Marketing System” leads to “Constant rejection” which leads to “Self doubt” which leads to “Inactivity” which finally leads to “Quitting”. The Internet has changed everything forever, so if you have a poor online network marketing system in place, then you will have a very hard time to succeed with MLM today, simply because:

* No one teach you how to market effectively over the Internet.

* No one teach you how to use an autoresponder that is an essential tool for “Following Up” with your prospects.

* No one teach you how to generate a never ending stream of Free Leads and traffic.

* You don’t target your best market. Basically, you don’t really have a way to effectively attract other network marketers, because generally they are are not looking for a new MLM Company to join. Instead they are more interested to learn how to recruit more people, get more targeted traffic to their websites and how to build a big Downline.

* You don’t serve and you will have a very hard time to attract the “masses”, because the “masses” don’t like selling.

* You don’t have a system in place that markets and brands YOU.

* You don’t build your own list of subscribers.

* The “young generation” of people are more “computer friendly” and primarily wants to follow someone that can teach them how to use technollogy and Internet Marketing.

* And much more.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s why I always stress the importance to have an “Internet Network Marketing Teacher” and also a powerful rejection free online network marketing system in place for your primary MLM program.

However, sometimes it feels like literally everywhere you go on the Internet you hear about all those automated online systems that claims to do 99.9% of all the selling for you. The problem with those kinds of online MLM systems is that they can’t help you if you don’t learn how to market and how to get traffic to your website first.

You see, first you need to know something about marketing and how to generate targeted traffic to your website. And only after that you know how to that correctly a highly effective online network marketing system can help you.

If you have a powerful automated online MLM system in place, then the system will Sort, Sell and Follow up for you regardless if you are present or not. Preferably you should only focus on “Marketing” and your online system should do the “Selling” and that’s a big difference.

Listen, it doesn’t need to be that hard and confusing at all. Today there are tools and techniques, that can help you to put your offer in front of and also build relationships with tens of thousands of people on the Internet on complete autopilot.

Think about it: How can you fail if you have a lot of targeted traffic on a strong worded “killing sales page” and a powerful strong worded autoresponder email follow up system behind it?

And just imagine, what would happen to your network marketing business, if you also could share that same powerful system instantly to your downlines! Regardless if you will do MLM offline or online it will require work. However, if you have the right teacher and also an highly effective online network marketing system in place, then your work will be much easier.



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