May 19, 2022 10:07 pm

Boost Your Bottom Line With Trade Show Exhibit Rental

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It’s a changing time for event planners and marketing managers. Once upon a time, there was a sense of “if you build it, they will come,” when it came to creating displays for trade shows.

But nowadays, it’s a whole different ball game! Of course, the marketing department is expected to do more – often with a smaller budget than in years past. And in addition, trade show attendees often expect – even demand – a whole new level of marketing savvy from the displays they see. It’s almost an unfair disadvantage, compared to times past.

This is where the secret weapon of trade show exhibit rental can be a game changer for a smart marketing department director.

How Trade Show Exhibit Rental Can Maximize Marketing Efforts

It’s quite simple, really. A trade show exhibit rental gives you the ultimate combination of flexibility, customization, and cost savings. This works in a number of ways. For starters – if you rent your booth or other visual materials in the city in which your event is being held, you’ll naturally save money on storing a display (that might not engage your customers as well as if you’d been able to customize it for your event). Additionally, you’ll save on the cost and even just the hassle of having to ship your booth across the country, crossing your fingers and hoping that it arrives in the same number of pieces you sent it in.

And then there’s the customization factor itself. When you invest in buying a display, you’re pretty much locked into that purchase, and with good reason. Such items can add up to a significant cost for an exhibiting company!

But with a trade show exhibit rental, you can be truly responsive to the needs of each specific audience. For instance, at one event, you might know that your customers generally don’t expect to talk much to your staff, and might even be less likely to share their contact information. On the other hand, at a different event, having a setup designed to foster interaction – either some kiosks or some scattered bar-height tables might be just the thing to promote better engagement with the conference attendees.

When you own your display, being able to adapt quickly isn’t particularly easy. But when you’ve made the choice to rent your display (especially in the city the expo is in), it just takes choosing the best features to respond to your market’s needs. It’s super easy and greatly increases your return on investment, while decreasing your logistical hassles at the same time.
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Communicate With Greater Impact

When it comes to exhibiting at this kind of event, your number one goal is to communicate with and make a greater impact on your audience. You have specific marketing objectives, and through communicating more effectively – via your display – you’re more likely to meet those goals.

The flexibility and cost savings of a trade show exhibit rental allows you to test the marketing message that is most successful in helping you meet those goals – at a fraction of the price of buying a similar booth.

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