January 23, 2022 10:29 pm

Where the Wild Things Are

Rorschach is obviously easiest one to be, though no one will recognize you. The Silk Specter is definitely the choice for ladies as many men love her (and of course all men, including your husband will fall in love with you again if you wear this costume).

7. Up
Oh, I love this movie. Carl Fredricksen is my hero! First you need to find a pair of square eye glasses, then a bow tie, and JAPANESE SILK WIG brown jacket. Then put white wig (or greased hair with baby powder works). Don’t forget to ‘steal’ your grandma’s walking stick!

8. Public Enemies
Dillinger is a cool character, and probably you already have everything in your closet, except a machine gun (which I don’t recommend carrying around your neighborhood). Ladies, you can wear whatever you fancy from 30’s. The main drawback of this one is, however, the difficulty people may have to recognize you as Dillinger, since many characters from 30’s movies look similar.

9. The Informant
Well, the movie was not that great, but it is here and very it’s easy to look like Mark Whitacre. For many of us, the early 90’s is not that far back, and I know you probably still have a jacket from that era in your closet.

Another animation I love. OK, Coraline herself is a difficult one to be, but the “other mom” with button eyes can be done easily (though I don’t know how you can see). The witch is cool as it is for Halloween. Don’t forget to get a stuffed black cat.

There are three others I wish I could be, but it may not be easy…

i. Where the Wild Things Are
This movie is not out yet, but you know the story. Your kid can be Max (that is relatively easy), but I want to be one of those friendly monsters. I guess that I need to sneak into the studio and steal the costume!

ii. Ponyo
I admit I love Japanese animation. Ponyo was a character invented by Miyazaki. I love Ponyo; however, I don’t know how to represent her. She just looks like a normal girl, or a fish with a face… I bet a hard core cosplay mania can figure out how to be Ponyo.

iii. Terminator: Salvation
From the first Terminator, I always wanted to be a bare bones terminator (just the machine!). Well, if you know how, let me know!

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