May 21, 2022 7:21 pm

Beyond The Booth: Which Trade Show Exhibit Rental Gear Makes Sense For Your Business

Finally, always work with a team that offers onsite setup, breakdown and maintenance. Your internal staff members will have their hands full while trying to network and gather leads; using a firm that manages all the leased components can free up your team’s time and help ensure that everything within your display is working for you.

Skyline Canada offers an extensive range of trade show exhibit rental strategies to help clients make a memorable first impression. From customized styles to brand-specific marketing missives, Skyline Canada can deliver a final exhibit that you’ll be proud to unveil at the next convention. Visit their There’s no way to hide it – the economy is making it difficult to do business. Everyone is looking for ways to cut corners, looking at every expenditure with a critical eye.
Custom Exhibit Rentals

One thing that many companies are doing to save money is to limit or even cancel their trade show appearances. But while it is admirable to save money, skimping on trade shows puts businesses on the fast track to failure.

Before throwing in the towel, companies should look at how and why exhibit rentals are a cost effective way to increase profits.

Exhibit Rentals Cut Storage Costs

For some businesses, buying a tradeshow display is an ideal solution. They are free to reuse and revamp the exhibit over the course of several years and have a place to store the exhibit once it is disassembled.

Smaller businesses, or businesses that are just plain cost conscious, may not have the resources to store something that is so large. The expense is questioned even more when display booths are used just a couple of times a year.

When it’s down to the wire, and people’s jobs are on the line, it is hard to justify the cost for storage. However, exhibit rentals can eliminate this problem.

End Expensive Freight Charges

Shipping and freight for tradeshow exhibits can spiral out of control. It is difficult to coordinate schedules so that the exhibit arrives at a time when you are ready to set it up. As an added complication, businesses have to scramble to get everything delivered on time when a tradeshow takes place near a holiday.

Using a rental exhibit not only curtails the expense of freight, it also alleviates the worry associated with damage that can and will occur during transit.

Remain Memorable

Businesses that skip tradeshows run the risk of becoming forgettable. Buyers and investors are at a premium and it is essential that companies increase their base and remain engaged with their audience.

Trade show exhibits give businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers on a more personal level. It allows the time for one on one conversation and specialized attention. This is why a successful tradeshow exhibit can leave a company with hundreds, if not thousands, of potential leads.

But a missed tradeshow creates zero leads. Although cutting trade show spending appears to be a good short-term way to save money, it’s in fact the best way to lose potential and current customers.

Rentals Can be Customized

Exhibit rentals can, and should, be customized. Custom rentals may seem expensive, but when combined with the savings garnered from freight and storage, rentals are the best way to approach trade shows on a budget.

Custom tradeshow designs are scalable, and in some cases elements from one exhibit can be used to enhance future exhibits. From different styles of literature racks to a variety of flooring options, trade show rentals allow companies many chances for creativity.


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