May 21, 2022 4:42 pm

The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas – Top Tips

Unlike the hotel car parks in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is pretty well sign posted, and it is a left turn onto Highway 145, towards the Skywalk. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the junction; it is miles prior to the next one. The further along this road you move, the more rugged the terrain, with the road reaching more than 5000 feet in places, supplementary oxygen is not necessary though! The more along this road you go the more you realise that Las Vegas seems a different world away.

A lot of the trip is across an Indian Reservation, and the final leg involves driving on an unpaved road, although they have promised to build a good smooth one for the tourists who donýt like the rugged natural feel of the desert. Although car hire companies state you are not allowed to drive off-road, the roads to the Grand Canyon are official roads even if they may possibly appear off-road to a number of people.

The whole travelling distance from The Strip is roughly speaking 120 miles, and can take anywhere between 3-4 hours to complete, so you are looking at a complete day, so start off early. Just a separate suggestion, this is the desert, take a load of water, energy food, and ensure you have a full tank of fuel, tourists have died in the Nevada, Arizona and Californian deserts in the past, do not join the list.

If you have not rented a car, or do not plan to drive so far yourself, many other options are on hand to view the Grand Canyon.

You can locate coach tours to the area, and these are comfortable and air-conditioned with toilets, and are good value, but again you are still fixed with the travel time and it is longer on these tours. You additionally will not be stopping every 10 minutes to take photos and video as you would if you drive yourself.

One other option that is much faster is to take to    Building Companies Near Me  the air. You may well think this is expensive, well in nearly all cases it is. Going by helicopter is certainly not low-cost, and will put you back at least $200 per person, but it is a fantastic experience hovering in the Grand Canyon itself, and soaring over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, as well as beautiful views of Las Vegas. A lot of folk are not aware though that you may find cheap flights from Vegas to the Canyon and that is by using a prop aeroplane. As with the helicopters, they take-off from McCarran Airport, and pick you up, and drop you off at the hotel, but the price is much lower. I haggled them down to $80 each for a 3 hour flight.

The only downside is that you can’t hover for photos, and it is noisier than the helicopters, but for the money and experience it is well worth it, and the views are just as spectacular from the air.

One final thing, if you have flown in from Europe, or Eastern USA, after you leave Las Vegas, if it is a clear day, the pilot generally flies over the Grand Canyon, so you get a free view, although it may be a little misty from the altitude, and you do require a right-hand side window

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