May 21, 2022 4:17 pm

Living Life – 3 Steps to Peace, Love & Joy

You are what you think whether you are conscious of it or not. And the world that you see around you is a reflection of what you think on the inside. Since many of us were not taught this as children, we cannot make that inner/outer connection. So life just seems to happen to us without our participation or choice.

Many times we think our thoughts are on auto-pilot and out of our control. Stories play over and over in our minds and we think that we cannot stop them. In addition, most times we don’t know the tools to assist us either.

If you desire new results in your life and to be free from the over played stories, then new and exciting action has to take place. You do have a choice.

In the moment that you decide to choose a different way of thinking and ultimately living, you have opened yourself up to new territories of the unknown, which may cause fears to appear and stress to rise. Once again, ask yourself, “Do I want to live in my repeated stories of past events or do I want new beginnings leading me to a more fulfilling life?”

Keep in mind that living life in this way is a Process, a spiritual process and is not a ‘quick fix pill’ that so many of us rely on, instilled through our current allopathic medicine. It will take your effort, energy, patience and trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your Higher Self and trust in people who you may choose to help you along the way.

This process is spiritual healing because you are first and foremost working on your inner self and reconnecting to your true self or Higher Self. Reconnecting is a remembering, peeling away of all the things that block you from really knowing your Higher Self. Your Higher Self always knows what is your highest and best best at all times. Therefore, the wisdom of your Higher Self is truly your own inner wisdom.

If you desire a more fulfilling, peaceful, loving and joyful life, take action to living life from your inner wisdom. Choose to move past fears, anxiety, stress, and old hurts and know they no longer serve any purpose.

3 Steps to Living Life
1. Acknowledge to Stop the Madness.svgdaily
When you feel yourself lost in a repeated story or life pattern, acknowledge and congratulate yourself that you noticed the madness happening. Next, stop and feel what you are feeling inside. Ask yourself, “Do I choose to keep this or do I want to release it?”

One releasing process to do is to write down the story or life pattern on a sheet of paper. In addition, write down your feelings and then write, “I no longer choose to live this way, this no longer serves me, I choose to let it all go.”

When you feel complete, burn the paper in a safe location and feel the release within your body.

Old stories and patterns die-hard, you may need to do this each time as similar event occurs.

2. Open Yourself Up to Learn New Ways


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